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why genuine escapism?

gen·u·ine  (jny-n) adj.
1. Actually possessing the alleged or apparent attribute or character: genuine leather.
2. Not spurious or counterfeit; authentic. See Synonyms at authentic.
3. a. Honestly felt or experienced: genuine devotion.
b. Actual; real: a genuine dilemma.
4. Free from hypocrisy or dishonesty; sincere.
5. Being of pure or original stock.

es·cap·ism  (-skpzm) n.
1. the tendency to escape from daily reality or routine by indulging in daydreaming, fantasy, or entertainment.
2. the state of having wandering and imaginative thoughts in order to escape from reality. — escapist, n., adj.
3. the practice of engaging in activities that enable one to avoid having to deal with reality, as the persistent attendance at science-fiction films, reading of fantasy literature, etc.

I’m a dreamer with thousands of random thoughts invading my mind. Most of them are travel related.
As Lennon said: “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” That’s why I’ve decided to write in this blog my escapism as well as things I have only learned because I lived them (and not just read them).
All experiences, and feelings written here are genuine. Photography included.


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  1. December 5, 2009 8:51 pm

    Hello Darling,

    Today is an interesting day in Rio, more exactly in Lagoa – the well known Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon – we can enjoy the inauguration of the one of the highest X-mas Tree in the world, already traditional and, I guess, part of the Guinness book.

    Since more than a decade ago, Bradesco Seguros (the biggest Brazilian Health Insurance Company in Brazil), promotes a beautiful, extraordinary decoration for the Cariocas, enjoying a colored nice lights and , in the inauguration today, fireworks, music and good food and drinks in the kiosks around the Lagoon.

    Many years we don´t see that. Today, myself, Tia So and Julie-Julie will be there, in a friend’s apartment to enjoy.

    That would be a great opportunity to take some photos to exhibit here, in “Genuine Escapism to share with your friends. I will try to take some, as I don´t know if you will be able to be there.

    It starts the X-mas season here in Rio.

    Love you, :).



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