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The most starlit night

December 14, 2009

The sky in the desert was the most starry I have ever seen. It didn’t even look real. I felt as if I was in a Disney ride, like Space Mountain.

Lying down in front of the fire, I enjoyed the silence. The cold wind brushed through my back while the flames warmed me up.

After savoring three cups of tea, the last one being the sweetest, I cuddled inside my sleeping bag, covering it with a warm camel skin blanket. It was chilly.

I thought of my sister Mariana and instantly smiled – she’s a neat freak. I started collecting memories of details that could cause her a hygienic attack: Ahmed rinsing our cups with water from an old gasoline container, the horse smelling camel skin blankets, peeing in the desert, the dusty windows and curtains in the bus, sleeping without brushing my teeth, the black nails I constantly saw around.

My eyelids felt heavy, but I didn’t want to fall asleep. I wanted to continue chasing falling stars, uncovering constellations or simply counting stars.

I remember waking up during the night and seeing the most starlit night. I opened my eyes, smiled, tucked myself in and fell back asleep. Until one time, when I opened my eyes I saw a vivid blue sky – a heavenly celestial sky. I smiled again.

Still a bit sleepy, I forced myself out of my sleeping bag to look at the boundlessness of sand and sky. With a velvet sensation on my teeth, dry mouth and lips and messy hair, I looked 360 degrees around me. The lack of bathroom, non-brushed teeth, and dirty blankets could never attenuate the sensation of peace. I walked around then sat a bit longer. The cold wind brushed through my back while the sun burned my face. My thoughts traveled quickly while my body sat steadily. Indeed, nothing could diminish the lasting peace sensation.

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