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road trip – Kakopetria

November 30, 2009

A narrow cobbled stone street leads up the entrance of Kakopetria´s old village. A bit more of Cyprus´ village life – getting lost in and out of alleys, getting surprised with huge cherry blossoms and plum trees, eavesdropping on houses – so closely built together.


Friendly, multilingual grannies, all dressed in black sold jams of all flavors: lime, fig, peach, plum, tomato, orange…


Wine break – we went in a small, cozy restaurant for their homemade wine tasting. We sat outside, on the balcony that was so small and narrow; only one person could walk at a time. A river passed behind the restaurant, filling the air with nature’s sound.


For dinner, we headed towards a tavern that served a hot soup to warm us up, moussaka (a type of lasagna looking plate made with eggplant, minced meat, mashed potato, white creamy sauce and cheese), grilled haloumi cheese and of course – more homemade wine.

picture: cyprusrecipes

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