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Fikardou. Population = 2.

November 24, 2009

As we got ready to leave for our small trip to the Troodos Mountains, I noticed that Nicolina´s parents and family members were very well dressed. It was Sunday, so I imagined they were going to church. I looked down at my outfit – jeans, sneakers, and sweatshirt.

Nicolina then told me that Sundays in Cyprus are the days you wear your best clothes. Everyone in town already knew I was the Brazilian friend visiting Nicolina. They would understand that the foreigner can amongst other things make embarrassing mistakes.

The roads that lead to Troodos Mountains meander up and down hillsides. So if your stomach is not the strongest one, either drive or put the windows down to get some air, or by the time you are up in Troodos you will look nauseous green.

We drove by and visited small inlaid villages in the heart of the island. It’s common to see a circle of men sitting outside taverns having coffee or ouzo (anise-flavored liquor) engaged in long afternoon conversations, like the ancient Greek lifestyle.

We had a delicious traditional Cypriot Sunday lunch: Greek salad, hummus, tsasiki, lamb with potatoes, homemade wine.

Coffee and dessert was in another village – Fikardou, in small tavern with fruit sweets and some mint tea. All homemade, of course.

Fikardou is a tiny (believe me when I say tiny) village where most of the Cypriot soap operas are filmed – portraying the old customs.

The fun fact about this village? Its population is 2 – a couple who runs this cute restaurant and gift shop where you can buy their jams, cookies and other sugary delicacies.

As you walk around the village – beware: you might bump into goats that transit around.

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