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the village life of Ergates, Cyprus

November 23, 2009

It was great to wake up the next morning, experiencing the “village life” of Cyprus. Not that Larnaca is a city per se, but I did enjoy birds chirping when I opened the window and the great view of an orange tree garden.

Before we left to our day trip, I decided to walk around the neighborhood. As I left the house, the first thing I saw was Nicolina´s dad wiping his car with… guess what?

Hint: My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Yup, Windex!

Some stereotypes simply prove why they exist.

While I walked around the street, eavesdropping life in Ergates, I smiled. The village life there is like a movie scenery – picking fruits from trees, chicken wondering around, walking dogs, sweeping the porch…

I then sat on the front steps before we left to Troodos. When I looked up I saw pieces of black plastic hanging from the wooden arch, where grape trees grow twisting around. I later discovered it was pieces of video tape used to keep birds from eating the grapes. Apparently they are afraid of the noise of the tape blowing with the wind. It’s their homemade bird management for grape harvest.

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